Thursday, August 5, 2010

Thursday Five

Hey everyone it's Thursday! Time for our Thursday fives...courtesy of Mrs. Gambizzle! Write your own, head on over to her blog, and link up! This is a perfect way to reflect on the week, whether it was good, bad, or just plain ugly.

Entry Word: happy-go-lucky
Function: adjective
1 having or showing a lack of concern or seriousness

Main Entry: de·light 
Pronunciation: \di-ˈlīt, dē-\
Function: noun
2 : something that gives great pleasure

Main Entry: ec·stat·ic 
Pronunciation: \ek-ˈsta-tik, ik-ˈsta-\
Function: adjective
: of, relating to, or marked by ecstasy

Main Entry: gig·gly
Pronunciation: \ˈgi-gəl\
Function: verb
: to laugh with repeated short catches of the breath

Main Entry: joy 
Pronunciation: \ˈji\
Function: noun
2 : a state of happiness or felicity : bliss

1-Saturday my lovely sailor called! AHHHH!!!! It was all I could do NOT to scream into the phone! I did have a little shriek in my voice though. 
2-Sunday I drove to Jax to see him! I was so excited I didn't sleep, but an hour Saturday night...well Sunday morning. Even though it was a 3 hour drive I managed to stay awake. Especially when he called me! I almost couldn't drive. Those 12 hours with him were absolutely worth it! 
3-I got my "Through the Bible in 90 days" Bible! I'm now on day 5! I can now say that I've read all the way through Genesis..every word! Pretty soon I will have read through the entire Bible! A feat I have yet to accomplish, but will have soon tackled it! Woot! 
4-Church. It's important to fellowship with other "like-minded" people. Surround yourself with those who build you up. And the worship is a million times worth it! We are doing a study through Romans..chapter by chapter. Amazing the things that are being revealed to me.
5-Social networking! I've met new and interesting people through Facebook and blogging. I am not alone in this struggle.

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