The B90/Through the Bible in 90 Days

This will be my “spiritual journal” as I take this journey through the Bible in 90 days. I’ve tried many unsuccessful times to read through the entire Bible. I came across a blog which proposed this challenge...and in 90 days! Cover to cover in 12 pages a day. So I thought, “WHY NOT”?! This is a perfect time for me because I’m in the process of re-discovering myself. Finding my true identity, who I am,  in Christ. I know that I have the will power to follow through with this. How do I know, you ask?! Because I have a newly found strength inside of me. A power coming from deep within. I have confidence and a support system to help me through. Plus I have the time with my sailor being away, and being home with the family, and nothing to do. I just started this today, on my own, without a huge group. But I plan to tag along on the next one and do this all over again! And gain some new insight as well! Hope you enjoy and feel inspired!

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