Thursday, August 19, 2010

Grafted in...

Tonight's sermon was on Romans 11. Being grafted in. Paul is telling the Jews that through Jesus the gentiles have been "grafted in", enabled to receive salvation. As far as I know, I'm not Jewish by blood. So thank Jesus I have received salvation! Forgive me for not being so detailed tonight. Not feeling well, but it's not stopping me from being grateful! Which leads me to:

5 Things I'm Grateful for Today:

1-Jesus, Yeshua, our Messiah! We have been "grafted in" and allowed to receive salvation by His blood! No more sacrifices (literal) or 613 laws/commandments that we have to abide by! Although, we still have the 10 commandments.
2-My best friends. My girl and I are finally back together! It's so hard to talk to a DUDE about your issues, especially female issues. We hung out at Dairy Queen and it seemed like nothing ever happened, except that we are more comfortable with "each other". WOOT! Love you besties!
3-Hindsight is 20/20. We may want to know what's in the future but God says not to worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow isn't promised. We would just worry and overwhelm ourselves for what's to come. I believe this is why He holds "secrets" from us. God reveals information and blessings to us in His timing. When we are ready. Or when those around us who are to be involved are ready. It's not always about us either. Whoever is part of God's plan for our lives and blessings have to be "prepared" as well.
4-My brothers and sisters. I mean physically not spiritually. I got to spend the day with my oldest brother, whom we call Boogie. It was much needed one on one time. We are the closest out of all 5 of us. We both got out, cleared our heads, and got lots accomplished! Love my brudder! And then my sister and I were able to have a little one on one time as well tonight! Great day with the fam!
5-My sailor sweetie! This is a tough time for both of us, but we will get through. A journey we are on, of re-discovering ourselves, and stronger we will be. Soon we are to become one, but until then, the paths we take are separate, yet lead straight to our heavenly Father...where we will meet again whole, complete, and free.

Night all! Later I will be catching you up on my B90 Journey "Through the Bible in 90 Days" & don't forget it's now Thankful Thursday Five!

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