Sunday, August 8, 2010

It's just MALARKY!!!

   Sorry in advance if I offend someone who may read this. Maybe you won't and the apology really isn't needed. But this is my place to vent. I'm torn and need to get it out. 

   So two weeks ago something happened. My girl and her ex have been feuding. And they managed to put me in the middle of their relationship and fight. He said she said bull. I had had enough, pretty much had a breakdown, said I was done. And the other night confirmed it. It's stupid. Childish. Just plain malarky, I tell ya! I am a friend. A shoulder to cry on or vent to. If you ask for my advice, I'm gonna give it. It's your choice to take it or not. I'm honored if you do. I don't give senseless advice. I trust GOD for the right words. I don't appreciate when things are said, that I did NOT say. Or twisting what I DO say. Is a friendship, a sisterhood, really worth losing over lies??? To me it is not. You really choose to believe this malarky of a claim??? Well that's your prerogative.
   These past few months have been some of the hardest in my life. A very vulnerable time for me. Thanks for not being here for me when I've needed you the most, even though I'm ALWAYS here for YOU. No matter what. You know that you've been the ONLY one that I could turn to, 'cause I've had no one else. Yet you choose to live in your lies and pretty much forget about me. MALARKY!!!

    I forgive you and will not forget. Maybe this is God burning another bridge to the past. Time for me to move on.

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  1. Its sad when you have been there and others let you down. I know that we all have been that!
    I hope things work out!
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  2. I've been in your situation once and I share the same feelings. Its time to move on and let the past be the past. At least you knew it before anything else happened.

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    thank u

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