Monday, August 9, 2010

Carpe Diem

I've been slacking on my daily grateful rants. I didn't even get to yesterday's journey through the Bible in 90 days. I've been on a lil roller coaster. And I don't do roller coasters. I've been real lonely and weak, and I don't mean physical. My weakest part of the day is the morning. For some reason. It's because I've gotten so used to waking up to someone, everyday. The first underway/deployment I was here, with family, but I slept on the couch...with my nieces usually. I was never alone. But this time that I'm here, I have my own room. My sister and her husband, with the kiddies, moved out. The only one who sleeps with me now is my cat &/or my moms dog. They are cute and cuddly, but not the fur I REALLY wanna cuddle up with! In the words of Johnny Bravo,
"Hey babeh...Check out my fur!"
So today I am seizing the day! Taking my weakness and trading it for strength! WooHoo! This is me catching up. 

5 Things I'm grateful for (since Thursday):
1-God is truly remarkable! He has been revealing soo many things to me! And evoked the fear of God back in me when He spoke through a close friend. We get so caught up in complaining & asking for His blessing, that we forget that He wants to hear us PRAISE him as well. How do you go to your Father? With griping & nagging, or with a thankful & joyful heart?
2-God hears our prayers & knows our future. All we have to do is be patient. If I had seen this coming I would have denied it! When He closes one door, he opens another, better, one. I may have lost a best friend, but I have gained so much more! You're know who you are!
3-Social Networking. I have a support system. I'm proud to say that. You have no idea. The first one was really hard for me because I didn't have this. All my ladies are amazing! Thank you!
4-My momma. She is finally in the loop on things with me and let me tell you, it's so relieving! We are extremely tight. Like besties. We're cute. lol
5-I have to say that I fell a little. I ate some junk & had a Dr. Pepper yesterday. I, of course, regret it later. But it was soooo good! Helped me to be a little more grateful of the little things I guess.

What are you grateful for? I challenge you to jot down five things at the end of each day that you are thankful/grateful for that day. It's a life-changing experience.


  1. God is Good! I actually wrote an entire post on gratitude and can relate to yours too. Have a great week. Stopping by belatedly from Follow Mondays and following you.

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