Friday, July 23, 2010


So this is a new thing I’m starting. I encourage you to follow as well. I will try to continue this. Sometimes we get so caught up in missing our hero, or even in the hustle & bustle of the day, that we forget to stop & be grateful for the little things. So everyday at the end of the day I challenge you to take a moment before you say your prayers and go bed, and remind yourself of 5 things that you’re grateful for for that day.

5 things I’m grateful for today:
1-God. He allowed me to wake up this morning. Gave me breathe. Eyes to see. Ears to hear. I started praying again…over my food and all; and since then my life has gotten a little easier to bear.
2-Bootsie. Mom’s little Min Pin/Chihuahua. She’s uber sweet and love-able! I’ve been feeling down today due to PMS & my sailor being away & not being able to hear from him. Boots is so full of joy & love! She gives me those little googly eyes and I just MELT! Loving on this lil pooch has really brightened my day.
3-Courtney. My ultimate best friend/sister. She called me at the perfect moment today! I was about to break down in tears and my phone went off. “Wanna hang out?” She can sure cheer me up anytime.
4-Cooking. I love to cook. Especially for a group of people. I come from a BIG family. Around 10 people for dinner every night. I love to mix things up and invent them as well. When I cook, I put myself into it. I literally forget about everything else. Now don’t get me wrong, I can multi-task! But the troubles of the day melted away, just as that butter melted in them delicious greens!
5-My sailor. My sweetheart. My love. Mon Petite Chu Chu! “My little cabbage head!” Even though he’s somewhere under the sea and I haven’t heard from him in over a week…and probably won’t for a couple more…he’s still the sunshine to my day, the stars in my night sky, and my world in this universe. The very thought of him sends chills up my spine & flutterbies in my tummy! Patrick is the man made for me. And oh so worth the wait! I may not see or hear him physically, but he's always in my dreams!

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