Sunday, July 25, 2010

The forbidden word...SEX...

Ever have those days, and it's worse when he's away, when all you can think about is sex?! Well today would be that day for me. Perfect. It's usually the men who are the horn-dogs, but in this get my drift. I'm going to see my sailor in a week & the only thing I can think about doing is HIM! urg! But it doesn't seem to be on his mind. I understand he's busy & tired. His job & these underways/deployments take a toll on him. He can spend hours on a game...and I just sit there. Staring at the wall, cleaning something, or reading a book. If he only knew what I was thinking...
   He's a rare breed. Sex is not on his mind 24/7. But when it is, OMG watch out! lol I feel like the dude here. Is that normal?! Hell, what is normal anymore?

My solution is this: take a COLD shower. Play with the kid(s). Or the pet(s). Read a non-romance mystery or something. Go for a walk. Let the cool breeze just clear your mind. Us women can multi-task, but when love-making is on OUR brain, motor skills seem to be..immobile..

So remember ladies: We are SUPER-HEROES! If we can make it through deployments and childbirth, we can overcome ANYTHING! Hang in there. Remain faithful. Remember they aren't getting "any" either. It's tough, I know. Keep your head up, for that day that they are back in your arms again will soon be here, as well as your long, UN-patiently awaited "embrace"!

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