Monday, July 26, 2010

5 Things I’m grateful for today

5 Things I’m grateful for today:

1-God. He allowed me to wake up this morning. He gave me breathe. Life. Everything.
2-My new wittle “sister”. Miss Anna. Love her to death. She helps keep me busy, keep me laughing. She’s adorable. Gets my mind off the loneliness.
3-Best friends. They make the world a better place. Couldn’t ask for better friends. During a time when I need them the most they are truly here for me.
4-My momma’s cooking! OMGosh she can make a MEAN meal! She made chicken breasts with BBQ sauce; topped with sliced tomatoes, green & red peppers. WOW! Mashed potatoes on the side along with cheesy broccoli casserole! OMG!
5-Lovely, hot/warm, wonderful, long showers! They never cease to make me feel better when I’m not feeling so well.
Killer migraines…meet life-restoring, wonderful, showers!

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