Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thursday Five

Yay it's Thursday! I'm unusually excited about this one for some reason! Maybe because I feel extra giddy today?! 
Hope you enjoy, write your own five things that make you feel these five words listed below, grab the button, and go over and link up!





 One ~ I got a call from my lawyers office! We have sent everything we need so now we're just waiting to hear back now. Ug, I hate waiting! But patience is a virtue.
Two ~ I finally got to babysit my newest niece, Jaylen! She's only a couple months old. So adorable and happy! She is by far the perfect baby! She never cries or wines..unless she's super hungry. Jaylen loves to smile and laugh. I love her little laugh! She's so precious. I had her for a good 12 hours...and we had a ball! Of course my fever came fever that is. 
Three~ My divorce was finalized on Tuesday! I'm finally free! I'm now a single woman...sort of. Legally yes. But my heart is most definitely taken. I didn't ask for this nor expect it. There's nothing better than rekindling old friendships, but when one becomes something more...
I'll update this at a later time. Keep checkin' in!
Four~  My teddy! I got me a teddy again! I've had a specific teddy bear since I was 9 years old..I'm currently 22. But I left him a ways away so I've been without one for a while. But recently got me another...much better one. He's warming, charming, and perfect. =}
Five~ I've been writing again. Poems I mean. I love to write. It's been a passion and talent (so I've been told) of mine since I was a little girl. I feel like a little girl again when I write. It's always been a haven for me. To get lost in the the pen and paper..away from reality.