Thursday, September 16, 2010

It's Thursday!!!

Yay it's Thursday again! The beginning of my new week! I tend to go from Thursday to Wednesday now because I look forward to the Thursday five! Woot! Anywho, this is an amazing trend and I think you should hop on the bandwagon! Take the five words listed below and jot down five things/events that made/make you feel each one! Then click on the pic above and link up with Mrs. Gambizzle so others can see it too! 
Our words...




One ~ Tuesday is almost here. My divorce will be finalized and I will be freeee! This has been a real battle and affected my other relationships (with family, friends, even my sailor..which we're no longer together). It's absolutely unexpected and unfortunate. I HATE that this is something we had to go through, but fortunately has also brought me closer to certain others I wish I had been close to all along. I guess I can say that I'm happy about that. 
TwoI've been numb for so long. About six months now. Recently I've been able to feel again. I put some major heavy duty walls up! But they seem to be non-existent to a certain couple of people. URG. But it's ok. I finally let someone in again and it actually feels pretty good. I don't feel so stressed out. I can breathe again. I'm gonna be alright. And I got my Teddy back! He makes me feel so special, wanted, and adored! I don't believe he'll ever betray me. hehe
ThreeI'm excited for next weekend! Me and my girl are planning a girls night out with a bunch of wonderful ladies! No men, no technology! I so can't wait! Haven't had girl time in a real long time. It's gonna be epic!
Four ~  I'm so thankful for the wonders in my life. Wonderful people and a wonderful God. 
Five ~  Music always knows my mood. I know, without a doubt, that I'd die without it! 

There we go! My Thursday five! Take the's a rewarding experience!

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