Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Baby Fever

It seems to be an issue in relationships. Baby fever. Say, both want children of their own, biological I mean. But one isn't sure if they can physically have them. Like me for instance. I have PCOS & Endometriosis. I've never really used protection because 1-I'm allergic & 2-I was married, so if it happened, great! Obviously it didn't happen. I'm hurt because all my siblings & most friends have children & I don't. Even now, yet I'm divorced & single, I still have the baby fever. I just love them so much! I was born to be a mommy & I want that so very much! So of course I wonder if it's an issue in a new relationship. He wants children of his own so it's a difficult decision to make: be with me no matter what...or is it too much to bear that we may not have biological children? You know, think about ME & MY feelings here! It hurts me too! Be by my side and we can bear this together. It really should not be an issue. But it is to some people. So to those like me, it really hurts that the "thought" has to be thought about. I'm just sayin. I've seen this come around and felt like I needed to vent it. That's my vent. Comment if you like. Peace!


  1. I hace PCOS too, and were in the middle of the debate about either having the miracle baby and not being able to have more than one, or just having none at all! All my life all I've ever wanted was to be a mother! It's a very tough spot to be in!

    I have a friend though who has both PCOS and Endometiosis and has two beautiful, healthy baby boys! It gets hard sometimes and I've come to terms that God has a plan for me.

  2. Definitely hard. The one blessing is better than none, IMO. But to each their own, right?! Thanks for the comment! *hugs*