Tuesday, November 23, 2010

An open letter...

I just feel the need to write. I can't sleep. I've gone through a lot this year. Well the past four years. It decides to hit me at the worst moments. Like when I'm trying to sleep!

Three years, four months ago I married the sweetest, kindest man on earth. A hasty decision most didn't agree with, since we had only been together for about 3 months. Not even known each other a year. Oh it was exciting! We just KNEW we were perfect together! This was the happiest time in our lives! Nothing could end this bliss!
Three years, two months ago I found my father-in-law dead in our home. That was the day our lives changed forever. Unfortunately, it changed us. As individuals and as a couple. I drew closer to him because he was my husband. My soul mate. My everything. I gave up everything for him. The decision to marry him caused me to lose a lot of friends and people to turn their back on me. But I had HIM, so no one else mattered. He..I don't know where he went. He shut me out. Nothing I did was good enough, or just didn't measure up to his expectations. The abuse began.
Eight months ago we separated. Three years of emotional, mental, & verbal abuse wasn't enough for me to give up. I stuck it through, praying & holding on to what I thought was "happiness", which really was a nightmare. The last straw for me was when he did something utterly STUPID. I'm not going into details, but all I can say is I'm really glad I got away when I had the chance, else I may not be here today. Well, the decision to leave him was a bad one for most people. This is because we are VERY good actors. We don't allow our business or issues in public. We keep it private, behind closed doors. Good and bad. We tried counseling and what not, but obviously it was a lost cause. Our friends and family had NO idea what was really going on in our marriage. To them, we were the ideal couple. But that was all a ruse because we didn't want others in our personal issues. So...when we split...it broke everyone's hearts. And of course they didn't agree with the decision. Since I was the one who left, he seemed like & played the victim. Still does.
Two months ago our divorce was finalized. Again, bad choice. There goes the rest of the friends I had left. So many wanted us to seek other counseling and make it work. I'm sorry, but we tried that and it didn't work. I accepted my wrongs and what I could've done differently. He would not. There are too many irreconcilable differences. It's unfortunate, we can't even be friends, even though we get along much better now than ever. I've been doing GREAT...until I get a phone call from my sister saying that my name is in the paper..under divorces. WOW.
Ok reality, stop slapping me in the face please?!
I've been doing ok. Well...not really. I went to Connecticut for a lil while. I moved actually. What started as a lil vacay with a close friend, turned into a full blown/complicated relationship with a sailor, ended with another broken heart. I'm tattered and torn, but I'm still a person with feelings, hopes, and desires. So, needless to say, I'm back home with the rents...in Fl. Back to where I started three and a half years ago. No job, no car, no income whatsoever, & stressed to the max! I'm overwhelmed with all that's happened and the chaos that goes on around me. I understand others don't always approve of my decisions, but the least they could do is support me. My family at the very least! That's just too much to ask coming from ME I suppose.

I have a new guy, although he isn't really new. We've grown up together, since we were barely out of diapers, pretty much. We recently got back in touch, started hanging out, & one thing led to another. Here we are, two months later. Two individuals, despite unfortunate events, starting over. As people and as a couple. Fighting through life, judgment, & recession. Disregarding the odds. Moving on from the past. Creating an amazing future..together..believing in noone but each other. Because each other is who, all, we have.

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